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Phillip WHO?!?!

 Phillip began to take an interest in music when he was 6 years old. He played the drums in church for over 12 years and also started to take an interest in singing. Because his dad was a music major in college, he made sure that Phillip always practiced and became the best musician that he could be. As the years went by, Phil started to pick up on guitar, both electric and acoustic, piano, percussion and all the brass section. When he was in my middle school years, he performed at Disney as the act Simba, from The Lion King. He also did many performances for the school as well, which included, pep rallies, dinner banquets and benefit concerts. High school approached and he started to take music more seriously. To set himself apart from other musicians, he began to study jazz composition, different genres of music and the laws of music theory. Since there were laws to music, he wanted to make his music stand out by BREAKING the laws of theory and began to create his own unique sound. Ever since he has made this discovery, he is blessed to say that he has performed with many different artist around the world, at Carnegie Hall and have also done some work with Pepsi and the Make A Wish Foundation. He has also been able to develop powerful connections with top music executives around the world.